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Arizona Boys Hunt California Valley Quail

November 22, 2011
by Jim Niemiec/WON Staff Writer Published

SHOT LIMITS OF CALIFORNIA VALLEY QUAIL — Kirby Bristow and Brett Browning of Tucson, Arizona hunted valley quail for the first time ever and both shooters walked out of Short Canyon, located above Inyokern, with limits of quail. Bristow had hosted Western Outdoor News on a number of successful Mearns and Gambel's quail hunts over the past few years and now it would be time for this hunter to repay Kirby for all the successful hunts we enjoyed walking out steep canyons of the Coronado National Forest just southwest of Sonoita. This region is public land and up until the drought hit, this part of Arizona held good numbers of Mearns quail to be hunted. With a downward spiral of quail populations around Tucson and the good quail hatch for California, Bristow opted to head this way for his first ever California valley quail hunt and high hopes of also shooting a mountain quail with his hunting partner Brett Browning and their fine German shorthair pointers.

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WON Staff On The Spot:
AZ Offers Up Good Wing Shooting

Dec 16, 2010
by Jim Niemiec/WON Staff Writer Published

Joining us for the all day hunt was Brett Browning of Tucson and his two pointers as we headed up a dirt road leading into a huge arroyo that was at an elevation of about 3,500 feet.

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High Five Hunt Club wins Ringneck Festival title

Nov 11th, 2009

The High Five Hunt Club was one of just three teams to shoot 18 pheasants Saturday. They won the title by using just 20 of their 24 shells, while hunting on land owned by Danny Hofer of Huron.

Members of the team were Tom Jones of Cable, Wis. (third year in hunt); Todd Bjork of Hayward, Wis. (first year); Tom Sullivan of Duluth, Minn. (third year); Brett Browning of Tucson, Ariz. (third year); Dale Schull of Hayward, Wis. (third year); and Bill Bean of Cogan Station, Penn. (first year).

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Nevadaʼs Mearnʼs Quail Offering Up Good Gunning

Dec 18, 2008
by Jim Niemiec/WON Staff Writer Published

Day-two saw our hunt party joined by local upland game bird hunter Brett Browning and his team of shorthairs. The plan was to start out early for scaled quail and then move to Hog Canyon to hunt Mearn’s. Unfortunately, the scaled quail were MIA’s, but the lack of hunting pressure in Hog Canyon made for a productive shorter day of Mearn’s quail hunting. With tired legs and sore backs we called it a day at 1:30 p.m. with a very good harvest of Mearn’s quail. Bristow had again limited out working over his fine shorthair Sugar, Browning bagged a limit of birds, while Brizendine and this hunting editor dropped off the last savanna with each of us just one bird shy of a limit.

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A good pointing dog and true aim
are keys in pursuit of Mearns' quail

Feb 14, 2007
by Charlie Meyers/Denver Post Staff Writer

"It's a tropical bird whose range extends only partway up into Arizona and southern New Mexico," said Bristow, a biologist with the Arizona Game and Fish Department.

To Brett Browning, his partner on twice-weekly forays into the canyons, this quail is something much more important.

"It's the perfect bird for a pointing dog," said Browning, who measures personal satisfaction in direct proximity to the distance from his young shorthair. "They sit remarkably tight. You almost have to kick them to get them to fly."

Because Mearns' quail don't whistle or run, biologists literally use bird dogs for their census counts. "We call it clipboard hunting," Bristow said jokingly.

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